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A dangerous gift for Francis Underwood.

House of Cards is arguably one of the most popular, complete, and twisted political drama. I got hooked to the screen the minute I started watching it from Season 1, and was pretty upset when I was at the end of Season 3 and realized that was all I could watch. I had to wait another year for Season 4 of this breathtaking TV series.

While I enjoyed every bit of House of Cards, I’m sure that those viewers who know more about American politics enjoyed it even more. To understand a twisted story of love, you have to first know what love is, right? Without knowing much about how the Congress works or how a presidential campaign is financed and run, I missed much of the fun.

It is all okay because I have absolutely zero interest in politics. Plus, I’m not a resident of the United States so I couldn’t care less. However, for the sake of absolute knowledge over how the American politics works, I set out to learn more without having to go through hundreds of pages that describe the ins-and-outs of politics in America.

This is what I found: Government 101 on the website Vote Smart. As the name suggests, the website was created for American people to learn how their government works, how power is shared between different offices, and how their votes affect the bigger picture. I’m not going to vote for any American election (at least, not anytime soon 😛 ), but I do have curiosity to know more about American politics.

The benefit of doing that will be added rewatchability of the entire House of Cards series so I have a better understanding of what’s really happening. Understanding a bit of American politics will also keep me prepared with better knowledge of the government when Season 4 hits the surface in 2016.

Above all, I won’t have to feel dumb when I come across interesting political news stories on tech websites I visit (I don’t know why, but kind of all tech websites I visit publish political stories every now and then.).

So there you have it. If you didn’t understand much about Francis J. Underwood and his tricks of revenge, Government 101 on Vote Smart is a good starting point to give you a clear overall idea of the American government. It’s even more recommended if you haven’t watched ‘House of Cards‘ yet, but you enjoy political drama, go ahead and read Government 101 first, and then head to Netflix to watch the TV series.

You can trust me, you won’t regret the experience. 🙂

How good is your knowledge of American government? Where did you earn that knowledge?

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  1. I never imagined what watching HOC was like for someone outside of the States. It’s good to know that the show is popular abroad too! I guess the amazing storytelling really transcends borders.
    Can’t wait for next season!

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    1. House of Cards is not the only TV show that’s popular outside the States. 🙂 We’re fans of Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, 24, CSI, and so many more.. some even from Britain like Sherlock. All thanks to the Internet, though. Cause the cable TVs we have here don’t broadcast all the TV shows we’d like to watch. 🙂


      1. Ooh! I haven’t watched Breaking Bad or Walking Dead myself yet, but they’re on my list bc I’ve heard they’re so great. I like 24 and CSI (although there are so many versions of CSI, it’s hard to keep track)


        1. Go with Breaking Bad first. That would feel a bit slow, in fact, v-e-r-y slow at first. But you’ll get through this (and don’t skip! 😛 ). It’s a must-see for anyone with the time and patience for something that’s genuine!

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  2. I just got into this show, a few weeks ago. I still have an old analog TV so I’m not hooked to order and watch any direct downloads through Netflix, so I have to wait until the shows are on DVD. I got HOS season 1 a last month and watched it and loved it, then immediately bought season 2 and binge-watched that over a weekend. Kevin Spacey is fantastic. I’ve got season 3 on pre-order.


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