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It wasn’t until I played Call of Duty and Counter Strike Source with a few friends when I realized multiplayer was fun. However, my excitement was short-lived and I don’t play that often. Over the years, I’ve bought a few games on Steam that are playable with friends, but I never got around to playing them enough to improve my skill.

Fast forward a few years, now I play primarily on my PlayStation 4. I bought PlayStation 3 early this year and realized this is what I wanted. I decided I wouldn’t get PlayStation 4 until the next GTA came out because there were enough PS3 games to be played, but the willpower to play Bloodborne was stronger than my decision. So I got one.

Unlike PlayStation 3, you need PlayStation Plus subscription to play online multiplayer on PS4. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t need online multiplayer, but after I got Destiny and got hooked with it, I decided to get one. Thanks to a few people who sell PlayStation Plus cards in Bangladesh, I was able to get PlayStation Plus membership in no time.

However, soon I realized that I suck at multiplayer. 😦 I’m so bad at Destiny multiplayer that over  a 10-minute match, my highest kill count was 3. 😐 Is it because my level is only at 8 while everyone else is 30+? Likely, but even if they have higher levels, the other players still have to aim to shoot, right? I can’t even aim, not even when the player is facing the opposite direction.

Multiplayer is a frustrating experience when you’re the worst player in the team. Thankfully, nobody in the team I played with was my friend, so I didn’t have to listen to their GTFO. 😛 But it does feel sad not to be able to play good. I wonder how on earth do the other people play so well. I found this YouTube playthrough (embedded above) that a player from Bangladesh uploaded. Just see how insanely accurate their aim is! I mean, how is that even possible? 😦 I know it’s probably nothing in the gaming community, but one must wonder…

I bought Counter Strike: Global Offensive the other day on Steam Summer Sales, and I played a few matches with my friends. Guess who the worst player in the team was! 😦

I wish somebody would tell me what the secret to better aiming is.

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