CreepyPasta is quite possibly the largest source of user-generated stories of various kinds. However, reading a story can be both a terrible and an exciting experience depending on which story you’re reading. To help you decide what are some of the stories that are worth reading — and some that aren’t — I’m starting this series where I’ll briefly talk about a particular story without containing any spoiler.

I’m quite excited to kick off the series with a story that’s as fascinating, and dark as it gets. The story is titled Abandoned by Disney, The story gained so much popularity that the author started a series. I haven’t read the later stories of the series, but I will do so and write reviews here.

But first, a bit of context.

Disney is one of the few world-famous names that instantly make us remember some of the most iconic characters. Even after Disney and Pixar started working together, many characters have seen the light of day and found a place in our hearts. But the character that this particular story talks about is one of the most popular, most recognized, and most fun face in the history of Disney: Mickey Mouse.


We refer to Mickey Mouse as being a face of fun and happiness. Isn’t that why most of the kid’s stuff has a Mickey Mouse icon in them? However, I realized the other day that when you turn the story upside down or look at the characters in another angle, you could easily turn these funny faces into something so dark that only a nightmare should be the right place for them.

I discovered this interesting truth when I came across a long series of images on the web that said how Toy Story 3’s characters had a dark side in them. At first, you look at them, and you think they are cute and funny. Later in the movie, as their true faces are gradually revealed, you slowly realize how dark the inside was of all those colorful characters.

My first encounter that Mickey Mouse can be a sign of something dark and evil was in a particular Mickey Mouse cartoon that actually aired. The episode was full of fun-sounding music, as most of the episodes are, but if you remove the ongoing music from your ear and manage to look beyond the characters’ faces, you’ll realize how dark the story of that particular episode was. Because it’s relevant, here’s the episode I’m talking about.

Anyway, let’s get back to the story.

The author writes in first person how they managed to enter a palace that was abandoned by Disney in the aptly titled CreepyPasta story, Abandoned by Disney. Apparently, Disney left a large palace that was supposed to be a big attraction in some island. The place lays empty and the media apparently has no interest in covering why that is. Perhaps Disney is big enough to divert the media’s interest to something else? The author wonders.

Curious to find out what the true story of the place is, and also to photograph something extraordinary and come back with enough experiences to write a compelling blog post, the author of the story heads into what’s known as Mowgli’s Palace — the place Disney abandoned long ago.

At first, he discovers that the place looks exactly like what most of the abandoned theme parks look like nowadays. Most of the stuff has been looted and the few furniture that are too heavy to be taken away lay around. However, it wasn’t until the author managed to break into what was locked until then when he found out the ugly truth behind Disney’s abandonment.

At last, the author finds himself agreeing that Disney’s decision to abandon the place was the right decision.

What did he find out inside the locked area of Mowgli’s Palace? Here’s the link to the CreepyPasta story: Abandoned by Disney.

Feel free to drop your comments about the story below, or suggest new CreepyPasta stories that you’ve read and liked through the contact form. Once you’ve read the Abandoned by Disney story, let me know if you found it as thrilling as I did.

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