This doesn’t seem too long ago when Microsoft felt like a disaster. I mean, don’t get me a wrong. They always held the largest market share in personal computing. But as we progressed towards a cloud-obsessed era of technology, Microsoft seemed to hit a wall, unsure of what its next step should be. Its cloud-based products were subpar, the Windows Phone — while being surprisingly stable — lacked the ecosystem it needed to gain traction, and it didn’t look like Microsoft had any idea what it wanted to do since the launch of Windows 8.

Fortunately, that all will change. Microsoft now has a clear focus of what it wants to do and apparently how it wants to do too. Instead of being self-centric, Microsoft is now opening up gates to its software and services to users from other platforms, such as Android and iOS. It’s most popular suite of professional software is now completely free on the web.

And then there is Windows 10. The memorable point where all the confusions end and the future begins. This is the future of Windows. This is the future of Microsoft. This is where Microsoft becomes cool again.

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  1. I was a PC user up until early last year when I switched to MAC, and I used a friends brand new PC computer the other day and it felt so antiquated. I would admit that there are some PC programs that i miss in MAC, but overall, I now prefer MAC so much. The PCs now feel and look outdated.

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  2. My wife just upgraded to Windows 10. So far, it looks and works pretty slick. I love Windows 8.1 in spite of folks not liking it, but I think Microsoft had fixed a number of bugs going from 8 to 8.1 that the OS became useful again with a quasi implementation of the start menu. Nonetheless, I love it’s sleek features and strong focus for performance. I’m looking forward to Windows 10 as I know, from what I’ve read, Microsoft has done a great job with it.


    1. I haven’t used Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1) yet. I upgraded to Windows 8 and thought it was good enough. I didn’t get to 8.1 since the news of Windows 10 coming out was already in the rumor mill. But yeah I think people gave Microsoft less credit than it deserved for Windows 8.1.


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