Laugh at me or not, having an air condition in a particularly warm weather like in Bangladesh does increase your productivity significantly. In Dhaka, where the temperature is high and on top of that is even higher humidity, it’s really difficult to stay focused on work. That’s why so many office spaces have air conditioning to keep the employees from sweating to death.

However, I work from home, and like many perks, there are downsides, too. For me, the biggest was inferior internet connection and warm weather. Mine is a tin-shed house which means the roof is made of tin. As you can guess, it works against us and heats up the interior of the room thanks to the scorching heat of the sun.

Because I needed to stay 100% focused on my work and I needed to be productive, I finally took the steps and installed the air conditioning to my and my parents’ room. Of course, because ours is a tin-shed house, we had to install false ceiling first to prevent the cool air from leaking out. It was costlier than I imagined it would be, but now that the room temperature can always be controlled, I can’t thank myself enough for it. 😀

Tell Me About the AC

In case anyone is interested, this particular unit is an LG inverter AC. Inverter technology is popular because of its power-saving technology. It’s costlier, but in the long run, it can save you some money on the electricity bill.

LG inverter AC Bangladesh

You can search around for a detailed definition of what the inverter technology in air conditioning is and how it works. But if you’re interested in knowing the difference, in a nutshell, here it goes:

Your regular split type air conditioning system has a compressor that runs at a fixed speed. This means, when you set your room temperature to 24C, it will start and run continuously at the same speed until your room temp is 24C. When that temp is reached, the compressor shuts down and doesn’t start up until the temp of the room goes up. You’ll notice that if the indoor unit of the AC has an outdoor unit indicator light, it turns off and lights up every once in a while. You may also be able to tell that from the sound that the indoor unit makes when the compressor is turned on and off.

Every time the compressor turns on, it uses more electricity.

Make no confusion between the speed of the fan and the speed of the compressor. You cannot control the compressor speed, or that’s what I’ve read so far, let me know if that isn’t the case. You can control the fan speed of the indoor unit. Although the temperature that you set may have an effect on the compressor, but it will turn off when the expected temp is reached.

An inverter AC, on the other hand, has a compressor that runs on varying speed. This means if the room’s temp is significantly higher compared to what you’ve set, the compressor will produce more cooling faster. As the room cools down and the temperature reaches to what you’ve set, the compressor will be running it low speed to keep the temperature there.

So how does the electricity saving happen? Well, every time the compressor turns on in a regular AC, it takes a huge load on electricity. So, even though it may sound like inverter AC uses more electricity because of its continuously running compressor, the reality is quite the opposite. Because the compressor has to turn on every once in a while, the regular AC uses more power than an inverter AC that has the compressor running pretty much all the time.

Now, having been used the LG inverter AC (It’s their top-of-the-line AC in the market in Bangladesh as of now), I noticed two things: 1. The AC takes about 5 minutes to start producing cool air. In other words, unlike the regular AC, which I have installed on my parents’ room as they don’t need as much cooling as I do, an inverter AC’s outdoor unit turns on about five minutes after you turn on the indoor unit.

This means you may not start getting the cool air as soon as you turn the AC on. But it’s a trade-off that I’m happy to make.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that if I bump up the temperature drastically, like from 22C to 25C, the outdoor unit turns off (which, I assume, means the compressor is turned off too). It probably means that if your room is below the preferred temperature, the compressor stops until it’s required to wake up again.

So, that’s the essay about the air conditioning unit that has made my life a whole lot easier and more productive. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said it’s the secret of my energy nowadays. 😀

3 thoughts

    1. Oh wow, they are similar! If it weren’t for the indicator lights, I’d say they are the same models. 😛 I didn’t go for a heating unit because winter lasts just about 2-3 months here. The rest of the year it’s so cold! And to me, winter is bearable. I can put on 5-6 clothes if necessary. 😉 But in a hot summer day in Dhaka, which is warmer because of the traffic situation, even going naked doesn’t help (Not that I tried it!).

      By the way, what’s that thing called Plasma? What does that mode do?


      1. I had to look up the plasma thing to make sure I explained it right 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever used it but here is what the manual says.

        Plasma filter is a technology developed by LG to get rid of microscopic contaminants in the intake air by generating a plasma of high charge electrons. This plasma kills and destroys the contaminants completely to provide clean and hygienic air.


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