It’s been so long since I’ve attended WordCamp Pune! In reality, though, it’s only been close to two months. I feel like it’s been longer because I had planned to do this sooner. And because I’ve had the most amazing week of my life in Park City, Utah, with my colleagues at Automattic.

But that’s a topic for another day, right?

I planned to write a detailed post of everything that happened in the first ever WordCamp that I’ve attended in September 2015. But because I’ve already got a backlog of topics and photos to post, I’m cutting this post short and putting up tons of photos. I hope it can give you a glimpse of what it was like to attend WordCamp in Pune, India. 

I should say that if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you reading the previous two posts that lead up to this post. In my first post, I talked about how getting through airports felt; and on the second post, I talked about the things that stood out to me on my first visit to the neighboring country.

The Big Day

wordcamp pune 2015

WordCamp Pune. It was the main event for which I traveled to India. The day started just like another day with a tiny bit of tension on the back of my head. It’s what we’re here for. Will I mess something up? Will it go well?

We took a Uber ride to the location where WordCamp Pune was taking place and was immediately taken back to childhood. It was a college premise we saw some students taking part in a parade in the field. It reminded me of my college days where we had to partake in parades in the field. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences, but I learned that bitter experiences are what you can refer back to when you’re past them.

Anyway, the event started and there were lots of people crawling to the place. There were a few rooms, with a central large auditorium, where various talks were held. In addition to Jetpack, the “Outstanding” sponsor of the event, there were other companies — both international but mostly local — that sponsored the event and had a table demoing their stuff.

Jetpack Joyride

jetpack stickets wordpress

As I represented Jetpack, I kept myself mostly at the Jetpack table. I’ve used Jetpack plugin on almost all of my self-hosted WordPress sites and it was really an interesting experience representing such a popular service. I wasn’t sure to what to expect.

In the night before the event, I was kind of trained by a colleague who works full-time on Jetpack. We call him Jetpack Jeremy. We went over some of the most common questions that people may ask and how to demo some of Jetpack’s cool features as well as how to troubleshoot users’ questions in case anyone asks them. After a few hours of taking a deeper look at Jetpack, I figured I was ready to face the mass.

jetpack playing card WordPress

jetpack booth at wordcamp pune 2015

As it turned out, we didn’t even had to take the laptop out of our bags. I can categorize all the people who came to our table in three main categories. 1. The people who, when asked if they knew Jetpack, replied saying, “Are you kidding? All my sites have Jetpack.” 2. The people who didn’t really know what Jetpack was and was curious to find out more. 3. The people who were advanced users and needed to know something specific.

To my surprise, the third category was the smallest of them all. Most of the people already knew Jetpack, and others were curious to find out what it could do to their site. A lot of people seemed genuinely surprised to learn that all of the Jetpack features come at no cost.

Besides talking to the people about Jetpack, I also listened to a few talks here and there, surfed the premises learning what other sponsors were offering, and took a lot of pictures.

At the end of the day, I felt like I had a really great day full of people who were enthusiastic/professional WordPress users and bloggers. It was a really a fun and exciting day full of talks, laughter, discussions, food* and tea.

*The reason I’m not talking much about food is because I’m not really into it. 😐 This topic deserves a post of its own, too. Someday….someday..!

Give Me the Pictures!

All right, all right. Here you go! Because there are a lot of pictures, I’m just adding them as a gallery. Feel free to click on whichever you want to view in full screen. All images are released under CC BY-SA.

So, there you are! It was less than a week in India, and I can still remember those days. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next WordCamp; wherever that is that I will get to attend. 🙂

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