Another day, another post about gaming. Looks like I’ve been a little too much into gaming lately, doesn’t it? Blame PlayStation 4 for that. I don’t regret buying into that system even a bit.

One of the most popular games of all time is the Grand Theft Auto V. I first got in touch with the amazing world of GTA with GTA II. It had a top-down view (isometric) back then, and I was blown away by the freedom my character had in the game.

Eventually, I spent hundreds of hours playing GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Two of the legendary games in the history of computer gaming. I played a bit of GTA IV too, and I loved it because it mimic the real New York City. I’ve been to the NYC twice, and I’ve watched it a thousand times on TV Shows and Movies. Like most other people, I have a fascination with the city.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t play GTA IV as much because my laptop computer wasn’t good enough to support the capabilities of the game. Little did I know that I’d soon buy a PlayStation system and enjoy the wonderful world of Los Santos in GTA V.

los angeles runway

In case you didn’t know, GTA V has a striking similarity with the real world city of Los Angeles. I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos showcasing the similarities between real life Los Angeles and the virtual world of GTA V. I’ve been wanting to visit Los Angeles ever since.

Pictured above is the real life whatever that I took a picture of when flying above Los Angeles. No, I didn’t get a chance to visit L.A. just yet. I just had a layover of about 4 hours in Los Angeles International Airport. I knew I was literally hours away from the places that I’ve wanted to see. But I couldn’t.

Anyway, I took this shot just before my plane landed in LAX. I don’t know what this really is, but sure looks like a runway, right? You wouldn’t find the striking resemblance of this runway unless you see the screenshot below which I’ve just taken from GTA V.

gta v trever's hanger

What I did there is I flew over the Trevor’s hanger with a plane that I stole from Los Santos International (the GTA version of LAX). This hanger is about four to five minutes of flying distance from the airport in the game. In real life, the picture I’ve shot was taken about 10 to 15 minutes prior to landing in LAX. You see where this is going?

In the screenshot that I took, I’m flying in lower altitude compared to the actual photo that I took from the plane. Still, you can see how similar they are.

I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I saw this from the window of my seat. I don’t know how many surprises are waiting for me in the real city of Los Angeles and in the surrounding areas of the ever so popular “Hollywood” sign. (In GTA V, it’s Vinewood.)

Anyway, in the past two years, a lot of things have happened in my life that I could never imagine coming. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to explore GTA V in real life someday? 🙂

Posted as part of NaBloPoMo where I post every day throughout the month of November. 

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