I’ve always wanted to print images that I take. In fact, back in the film days, I’ve printed quite a few rolls of films even though it was costly and I didn’t earn a penny. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I’m taking a lot more ‘serious’ pictures these days and I’ve never printed any. How come?

So I started looking into a printer and finally got one. It’s an Epson L350. It’s not a photo printer per se, but it prints photos beautifully. A local shopkeeper here who prints and laminates says that the paper played a great role in producing such beautiful pictures. I bought the original Epson photo papers and it was costly.

automattic grand meetup 2015 cerberus

The printer itself is costly, too. About $220, I think, if my conversion is right. But it’s cheaper to run this printer as it’s an inkjet and a bottle of ink is really cheap, even when they are genuine.

The photo that you see above was not taken by me, obviously, as you can see me in the picture. But it was taken by my camera, so I wanted to see how an image would look like in print that was captured using my camera. Also, it’s a photo from this year’s Automattic Grand Meetup. That’s my team in the photo. My mom suggested that I print this picture and laminate it to ‘keep the memory.’ So I went ahead and did it.

Trust me on this, it feels a lot better to be able to physically touch a photo that you’ve taken. Forget Facebook or Instagram. Forget hundreds of likes and comments. Nothing is more awesome than holding an image in your hands that you’ve taken with your own camera. 🙂

P.S.: I’ve printed a few more pictures that were actually taken by me. I’m inserting this team photo here instead because this is the best one my phone was able to capture in terms of ‘close-to-reality’, if that makes any sense. 😐

Posted as part of NaBloPoMo.

2 thoughts

    1. Thanks! It’s a pity that a lot of today’s people who take tons of pictures won’t know how it feels to be able to touch the photos that they’ve taken. Even photos taken with a mobile phone looks seriously good in print!


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