I’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument. I don’t know why, I’m not even that much into music. My playlist consists of a number of hand-picked tracks that I listen to over and over again. The only times new tracks are added to my playlists are when someone recommends me something and I start loving it and when I discover something that I can’t stop listening to.

As far as playing an instrument goes, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is playing a guitar. My brother plays guitar, and he plays well. It makes sense for me to learn to play the guitar as I can have him as my instructor.

Thinking that, I gave learning the guitar a try. But it didn’t work out. My fingers hurt so bad that I couldn’t work on the computer. For a long time now, typing on a computer has been a regular job for me. And it was too big of a risk to put make my fingers hurt to the point where I can’t work properly.

So, I gave up on the idea of playing a guitar.

As YouTube gained more popularity and the internet speed became faster and more available, I discovered tons of talented people covering popular songs with various instruments. I’ve fallen in love with piano/keyboard, drums, and violin. I still love violin and I’d love to learn it.

However, every person that I’ve spoken to agrees that violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. Like a stupid, I used to think that because violins are shorter in length compared to guitars, they might be a bit less difficult to play. I painfully learned that it’s quite the contrary. Because it’s shorter, the chances of playing a note wrong are much higher.

In my confusion of what to put my efforts into between piano, violin, and drums, I started thinking that I should remember what was the first instrument that I wanted to play. And I remembered it was the drum.

snare drum learning

Sure, drumsets are bigger and they are more expensive compared to, say, guitars or keyboards. Most people can have guitars at their home so that they can practice whenever they want. A drumset is very expensive and takes up tons of space, so it’s not exactly ideal to have a drumset at home. But I think I’m going to give it a try once some other areas my life settle down a bit (things like education and whatnot).

They say it’s not an effective way to learn any musical instrument just by watching videos and online tutorials. I need an instructor to help me play better and show me the way of playing it. I agree. But it’s going to be difficult to find an instructor who is not just close enough to my location, but also flexible enough to have different times at different days. Figuring out a time to go to someplace to learn is going to be another challenge.

But that’s something I’m willing to take. Drumming isn’t the easiest musical instrument out there. If anything, it’s the most crucial when playing in a group. I don’t know whether I’ll do good or suck at it and then eventually give up. But I won’t know until I’ve tried.

So my next mission in ‘hobbies to try’ is: Learn the drums!

Posted as part of daily blogging throughout the month of November in “NaBloPoMo.”

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