The Hurt Locker is one of the most popular movies of the last decade. Its brilliant story and screenplay took us through a journey into the war zone while simultaneously giving us a message that made most of the audience think.

Without giving any spoiler, I can say that one of the key points that this movie makes is that, even though there are things that hurt, men in service lock those feelings and that’s most of them can’t be without the breathtaking moments that the war gives them. I might not have worded this perfectly. And it’s really difficult to understand the point without watching the movie. But I’ll say this: The Hurt Locker is the solution to life’s most, if not all, problems.

I’ve had a long thought and I discovered that I was able to smoothly pass many of the terrible moments that life threw at me by just locking down my feelings and not giving a s**t when I’m hurt.

Feelings are powerful. They can change the world. But they are vulnerable, too. When your feelings are hurt, you can do things that you yourself wouldn’t even imagine doing in any other circumstances.

the hurt locker
Life’s difficult moments will have to be tackled face-on, and even if they hurt, I’ll have to wear this invisible shield to stop feeling anything.

However, if you can avoid being hurt — well, you can’t, but you can avoid giving any attention to the fact that you’re hurt inside — you’ll notice that it’ll feel like nothing happened. All the storms of thoughts that are inside of your mind every time you are hurt, all the tension, worrying, anger, frustration that flows through your veins when your feelings are hurt, they’ll simply disappear if you can just lock your feelings from being hurt.

I’ve had the misfortune of being in quite a lot of terrible situations in my life. And this is the first time I’m figuring this out. The moment I realized what I had to do in order to live a less-worrisome life, the first three words that popped up on my mind are The Hurt Locker.

That’s not because of the movies. It doesn’t have anything to do with the movie. It’s just that the name of that movie is so real and so true that if I could meet whoever came up with that name for the movie, I’d give them a hug for inventing such a powerful name.

The Hurt Locker. That’s all I need to stop doing something that I’ll regret down the line.

Posted as part of the daily posting challenge called NaBloPoMo.

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