One of the coolest things about blogging and sharing your content online was being able to see how many times your content has been shared on a particular platform. Twitter being the second most popular social networking platform on the planet — first being Facebook in terms of sharing links — it’s a rather sad news that the company recently stopped showing the tweet counts on its share buttons.

What this means is you can no longer see how many times your content was tweeted on Twitter. Previously, on both Twitter’s official tweet button and most third-party share buttons, you could see a small count next to Twitter’s share button. That button would give you a quick idea of how popular your content is on Twitter without diving into whatever analytical software you use to monitor your traffic.


Personally, it was one of my favorite features to be able to see how many times my posts have been shared. To this day, I regularly check the front end of my site’s posts for a quick glance of how often my post has been shared on Facebook and Twitter. My posts have sharing buttons for other platforms — like Google+ and Tumblr — but Facebook and Twitter are the ones that count most, right?

Unfortunately, as of now, I’m only able to see Facebook and Google+’s sharing count as Twitter officially stopped sharing the total count of tweets both via its own sharing buttons and via APIs that third-party sharing button providers use to access the data.

If you’re into the technical bit, you can learn more about it on Twitter’s official blog post explaining the move.

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