So, here we go. Despite my initial reasoning that a smartwatch is nothing but a gimmick, I bought myself a smartwatch for the first time. I still think it’s not a necessary thing to have, but it sure can make life a little bit easier. 🙂

Many of my friends suggested that I go for Apple Watch since I use iPhone and Mac on a regular basis, but I didn’t want to get an Apple Watch for a number of reasons.

moto 360 second gen
In the box.

Firstly, I keep my Android phone all the time with me, not the iPhone. And secondly, I loved the circular design of Moto 360 the first time it came out. The second generation has a slightly better and more attractive design.

android wear moto 360 second gen

Lastly, Moto 360 — or any Android Wear watch for that matter — works with both iOS and Android. That, for me, is a huge flexibility. For now, my Moto 360 2nd-generation is connected to my Moto G 3rd generation. But I can reset and pair it with my iPhone if I wanted to. That’s a huge freedom to have.

Moto 360 is not available locally here in Bangladesh. I had to request the help of someone who were in the US recently to attend WordCamp US. He bought it and brought it back to Bangladesh. I just got it a few minutes ago.

moto 360 second gen
The wireless charging is the best part of Moto 360. It’s not technically ‘one less thing to worry about charging,’ but it’s close.

As with most other gadgets that I own, I’ll write up a review soon on this blog. My initial reaction is that I love it so far. It’s easy to setup. The screen is a little bigger than I had hoped (it’s the 46mm), but I like the screen state. I’m lucky that the 42mm was not available in black at Best Buy at the time of the purchase because I can guess the 42mm would look too small. Besides, 46mm variant has a larger battery.

moto 360 2nd generation
This is the Futuristic watch face that I just bought for about $1 from Google Play. I love the design!
moto 360 second gen
This is the ambient display of the normal watch face that most Moto 360 will ship with. Because the backlight is (kind of) turned off, you can’t tell from a distance that it’s a smartwatch. I’m curious how it’ll look under the sun.

The screen isn’t as crisp as I’d like — the only area where the 42mm would look better, but it’s clear enough that it doesn’t really bother me unless I’m looking really close to the watch. The ambient display works really well and it’s pretty visible now. I’d have to check how it works under direct sunlight.

So, stay with my blog to see an upcoming review of the first smartwatch I’ve ever bought — The Moto 360 second generation. It really is a beauty to look at!

Do you have any smartwatch? Why did you buy it? And what do you love/hate about it?

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  1. I’ve no smartwatch but I’ve seen Samsung smartwatch to use one of my friend. Samsung smartwatch is not looking so much good as Moto smartwatch is looking so hotty. As I am a Android lover, I wish I will buy a smartwatch but not sure which one is best? So waiting for your review to read to make a decision…

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    1. I never liked any of the Samsung smartwatches. I loved Moto 360 when it was first revealed. I didn’t get to buy the first gen, but I got the better, second gen one and I’ve been loving it so far. I won’t be able to compare it with any other smartwatch since it’s my first one, but please do wait for the review that I’ll publish as soon as possible. I’ll try to get everything I think about the smartwatch on that review. I’ve extensively used it today and I’m very happy with my purchase (which was $100 costlier than I’d planned due to the unavailability of my expected version).


    1. Thanks! I’m pretty sure Apple Watch has tons of better features and inevitable better integration with iPhone, but I wanted something that I can pair with both Android and iPhone. So, an Android Wear was a no-brainer. 🙂


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