If you somehow land on the homepage of this blog, you will see that I’m gently nudging you to check my new blog over at ais.blog. That’s because I don’t need to keep two personal blogs active at the same time. It’s a huge waste of time particularly because it’s hard to decide which blog to write something on when both are equally deserving.

However, even though I have semi-abandoned this blog, I can’t completely forget it. Ever since its inception in 2008, as a free blog, later upgraded to the domain aisjournal.com, this blog has been with me pretty much all of my digital life. Even before I was professionally writing, I was writing personal journals on AIS Journal.

This blog has been with me through school, high school, and college. Much has happened during those days. And a version of that has appeared — sometimes as a post containing a YouTube music and sometimes as just some meaningless rant without any context — on this blog from time to time.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve never made a lot of money from this blog. The main reason is that I never really did all that search engine optimization before writing here. Turns out, it’s hard (and a big turn-off for creative writers) to find out what people are searching for and then write a post around it. I’ve taken a true ‘journal’ approach to writing here. You don’t do keyword research before writing on your personal journal, do you?

All of that brings me to today’s post. A lot of those ‘personal’ posts over the years have been written at and around midnight. You will find me writing at midnight, but ever since I moved on to my new blog, I haven’t written anything at midnight and posted without any proofreading or editing. These posts are very personal, and I just realized today, I’ve been missing them.

Since I’m not worried about SEO and traffic — at least, not for this blog — I’m thinking, may be I can start writing on this journal like the good old days. No proofreading, no editing for clarity, no rewriting sentences, just a guy putting his thoughts down and publishing as if speaking directly to an old friend under the silence of the cloudy midnight.

The midnight sky is cloudy, but there is no mayhem. That is, unless you can step into my mind and expose yourself to all the thoughts, worries, and insecurities that is the gift of an adult life.

Today I decide, I will let this midnight mayhem to continue. Today I decide, I will be posting here again.

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