Hi there! Thanks for your interest in knowing more about me! What you’re about to read is the 648th revision of this About page. Being a passionate writer, I find it most difficult to write about myself. But I’ll give it another go and try to keep it concise.

My name is Aminul Islam Sajib, but I typically go by A.I. Sajib. That seems to make some people think that I’m an Artificial Intelligence, which serves me a purpose: I get to get away with being a robotic person. I don’t socialize well, I’m introverted, and A.I. is the perfect cover.

I’m a passionate blogger. If you Google my name, you’ll see numerous blogs with my posts. I write/wrote for a number of blogs, local newspapers and IT magazines in this part of the world. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And I’m a geek. I primarily specialize in writing about technology, social media and related events. I have a habit of making tech sound easier even for the most basic people.

Aside from things I can do from in front of the computer, I also enjoy traveling and taking a lot of photographs. I do not necessarily take good photos, but I do enjoy taking photographs of people. I shoot events on behalf of media and blogs. I also shoot a lot of portraits of people. Check out my photography profile from the links at the bottom of this page.

Work-wise, I’m a Happiness Engineer at Automattic — that’s the company that makes WordPress.com, along with several other useful products like Jetpack and Gravatar. My day-to-day work involves helping out people with their blogs at WordPress.com. I love doing this as it helps me make the process of writing and publishing easier for the most average people. Plus, I get to read a lot of great content on WordPress.com every day!

Study-wise, I’m currently doing a major in English but I’m thinking of moving to Media Studies and Journalism as journalism is an area of deep interest to me. I love writing, and I love informing. So it makes sense to study journalism.

Find out more about me on: About.me/aisajib | LinkedIn | Google+ | Flickr | 500pxTwitter | Facebook

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just a hello, don’t hesitate to knock me at the contact page. I’ll get back to you for sure.

118 thoughts

  1. Sajib, I am really impressed. At the age of 15 you have this mentality and you are having a nice web blog of your own.
    I really appreciate that. Please keep on writing. You will do really good.


  2. You are 15 and you are maintaining a blog… that’s impressive!!
    And it is pretty good… Keep this blog up…wish you a good luck…

    By the way thanx for the stopping in my blog…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. May be what I am doing is a little bit good but I am not satisfied with what I can and what I do. Because I think I am still not so well in English and I cannot express a lot of things in English.

    (How to learn English!)


  4. well done sajib! in the year of 15 you started a blog, that is really impressive. keep writing, reading other sites or blogs, and of course your main text books. Never set higher priority to this blogging, computer and internet than your main study.

    Good Luck!


  5. Hey man ! You’re really talented.

    Keep writing and reading other people’s blogs !! That’ll make you even better !!

    Just chill and be happy !! 🙂

    For anything else, feel free to contact me on my blog !!

    Till then, Rock on !! Yay ~!! 😀


  6. To Priya: Thank you.

    To Perx: My phone number is already on the web (somewhere else). It is necessary to publish my mobile number on the web. So when my number is already published on the web, what is wrong publishing here also?

    To Maria: Thank you for reading my blog.


  7. Nice blog, Sajib! You are doing a great job at such a young age, mashaAllah. Read a lot of blogs and papers in English and you should be able to develop your writing skills (I think you are already doing very well). English is my third language, so just like yourself, I am in the process of learning and improving.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  8. I found your blog through Global Voices Online. I am very, very impressed. As an American writer, I think you communicate well in English, although as you admit, there is room for improvement. Best of luck to you. From what I read so far, you are doing great!


  9. Nice blog, Sajib! You are doing a great job at such a young age, mashaAllah. Read a lot of blogs and papers in English and you should be able to develop your writing skills (I think you are already doing very well). English is my third language, so just like yourself, I am in the process of learning and improving.


  10. Hello, thank you for commenting on my blog a month ago. I just now noticed the comment because it came in on my spam for some reason. Well done on your own blog. Very impressive. all the best to you.


  11. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

    “Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself. You may be surprised at how easily this happens. Your doubts are not as powerful as your desires, unless you make them so.”

    Marcia Wieder
    Author and Speaker

    Keep it up my friend 😉


  12. Hi, Aminul.

    Wow, I am impressed! You clearly have a talent for writing— the dedication to pursue it is special.

    Thanks for leading me here. I am not much of a techie— I just know enough to make good PPTs and play games on the net. I love to read about people, though— this personal site is the one that interests me more. I will be coming back for more. =D


  13. Hi Sajib, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    Enjoyed reading your posts, and especially the one about frying an egg. Really cracked me up 😉


  14. Sajib – I’m very impressed at what you’re doing at 15 no less! When I was that age, a LONG time ago :), the last thing I was thinking about was writing.

    Your English is quite good for a second language. As others have said, keep writing and keep reading others’ blogs and you’ll improve.


  15. Hello Sajib! I am from Khulna and want to know the improvement process in English. I want to become a great English write like you. But I guess that my English writing skill is not high enough. So please tell me your secret of learning English like your standard.

    Morshedul Arefin


    1. Hi there! I believe you haven’t yet read my About page and the comments above. I’m not an English writer yet, let alone great. I’m still trying hard to get there and be an English writer with high quality standards.

      So, you know there is no standard in my writing so forget about secrets of learning. 🙂


  16. Hi Sajib! I never expected that we are only of the same age and youre a prolific writer already in such a young age.

    I am also 17, and in college here in the Philippines. I hope to read more entries in your blog and I hope likewise that you’ll be successful. I hope to see you in CNN or BBC. 🙂

    Your English is good, keep it up!


  17. Hey Sajib! Just saw your comment on my blog. Great to see another Bangladeshi blogger online (though I’m in US). Keep up the writing and your studies! I will add you to my blogroll.

    All the best,


  18. Sajib, you are an inspiration. So many of my American friends have no idea what is beyond our country, and hardly anyone speaks another language besides English. I know how difficult it is to write in a second language (I speak French, and a little bit of Spanish, too), but your English really is good enough that you could do well in America.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck with improving your English!


    1. Thank you for your lovely words! If English was my mother language, maybe I too would hardly speak another language. 😀 I’m into it mostly because it lets me reach the widest range of audience. 🙂


  19. Sounds like you’ve had quite the writing career already. If you’re committed to writing in English you may want to have someone you know who writes English well to look over your writing and offer suggestions. For instance, the word “stuff” is singular and plural, so you don’t ever need to add an “s” to stuff to make it plural. In general though your English writing is good. Keep trying and I’m sure you’ll do well.


    1. Writing on several other blogs and a newspaper if you ask me specifically. But when it comes down to English, I’m still new. But thanks for your help. I’ve already changed the tagline if you’ve noticed.


  20. hey nice blog dude.. i loved it!.. suprisingly you are younger than me but much better than me. even i wish to be a journalist and basically a politcial scientist. You have seem to achieved a lot at an young age. I am proud to see such youngsters 😀 and we are neighbours when it comes to countries 😀


  21. Interesting blog you have here! I really like the posts in which you talk about life in Bangladesh, like the one I have just read about Internet speed 😛 I know almost nothing about your country, so these things are very interesting to me! I’m also 17 and studying commerce and economics at High School 🙂 But this is my senior year! 😀 haha.
    Good luck -Guadi.


    1. Thank you for stopping by. I expected you to comment on my posts, though. I enjoy your writings, too. I hope you will come back and read more posts in the future.


  22. Really great, Sajib. It’s amazing that you are doing this at such a tender age. Good luck, keep on writing. And btw, your English is really good.


    1. Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t say my English is that great, though. I am just trying to be better. That’s all.

      Hope you come back sometimes. 🙂


  23. Kudos to you for starting this blog at such a young age! I think your English is fabulous and your grammatical errors are likely less than mine. And English is my first language!


    1. English is your first language that’s why you don’t really need to care much about grammars. It comes naturally from you.

      But thanks anyway for inspiring and dropping by my blog. 🙂 Hope to see you more often in my posts.


  24. Sajib – thanks for visiting my blog, equally I am impressed with your blog and the content. It’s interesting how you are holding down and participating in so many different areas, education, blogging, employment, etc. I wish you all the success going forward. Oh and your English is sound.


  25. Hey, remember me? Thanks for all those lovely comments you left to my blog, I think you’re writing skill is really good. If your English is already so good then I don’t imagine how will your Bangla writing be, hehee. You should write a book then someday! Anyways, I really love your blog and you seem such a nice person… It’s so great to read a Bangladeshi blog. I can relate so much more as I’m also living in Bangladesh right now. All the best for you and I will keep an eye on you. 🙂


    1. How can I forget you this quick? 😮 Thank you for tagging your posts with “Bangladesh” otherwise I wouldn’t have found it. You have a great blog there and I love reading it. 🙂 My Bangla writing isn’t extraordinary, but I get it polished because I gotta write for some papers and magazines. 😀

      Thanks again for your comment here. I hope to see your comments in my posts as well. 🙂


  26. Hi there!

    You’ve got a very nice blog and your English is fine. You shouldn’t be self conscious about it. Keep writing!

    I like your current blog header. It was a sad day for the technology world when Steve Jobs died.



    1. Thank you for dropping by and subscribing. Yes I expected him to live longer because he was innovative, creative and could come up with more life-changing ideas in the future. I’d say it’s the biggest loss for the technology world.


  27. Wow, neat blog! Like others, I am impressed.
    And hey, here’s something cool: from the comments earlier people have left about you being 15 in 2008, I have concluded that we are the same age!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂


  28. Hi just came across your blog here. I’d like to ask you how did you put ads on your blog? I also have the same wp theme. I thought ads weren’t allowed here. Help me out if you can.


    1. Ads is a closed experimental beta WordPress.com is running on some blogs. You may need to contact WordPress.com support to ask if your blog is eligible for the program.


  29. Great job, AIS! You’ve survived here a long time — that’s terrific and it can’t be due to hard work alone, the content has to bring people in and keep them as well. I noticed that you’re an odesk.com contractor. I have had great experience working with an odesk.com contractor in India. She was fantastic. Next time, I’ll look you up, too.


    1. Hi Martin! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I’ve been blogging for a long time now. I love doing it.

      As for oDesk, there are contractors of all sorts. I’m glad whoever you had got you satisfied by their work. I’ve seen clients totally dissatisfied, which is because of a bad contractor, and then blaming the whole oDesk marketplace as cheap unworthy people.

      I’ll be glad to work with you. Hope you’ll come back often and read my posts.



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  31. WOOHOOO – three days to go!And I think a few drinks, a lot of PrgloogBer and some time in the city with a group of crazy people (totally putting my handup for that) is a STELLAR way to kick off your big adventure!


  32. these are sensitive times innercityrose *inwardly wishing that tag was mine*…this cover was probably shot 3 months ago and look at the fueo.r..rfolks being distracted by a cover of vogue…oh hell no…there’s bigger fish to fry…


  33. My favorite Comic that I’ve read that Mike have worked on is Superman/Batman, Vol. 2: Supergirl , that I felt in love with his art style. Mike is one of many comic artist that gives me the motivation to draw and keep on drawing to improve as well as helping me breaking away from manga style. I shall remember Michael Turner as a DC Legend. God Speed.


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